The standard fee to see a physician or nurse practitioner is $15. More complex visits may be $20 or $25.

Students will be charged additional fees for laboratory tests, X-rays, prescriptions, immunizations, dental care, physical therapy, and other special services and supplies. These fees can change on a frequent basis. 

Select a service in the left column to view a price list* of the most common charges associated with that service.

There is a missed-appointment fee for failure to cancel a scheduled appointment. Charges are kept at the lowest possible level with the support of student health fees.

Charges can be billed to students’ University of Oregon student account or paid by cash or check. Students who are referred out for medical services not available at the University Health Center or who seek medical or health services elsewhere in the community are fully responsible for all expenses.


When students check-in for their appointments at the health center, they are presented with several billing preferences prior to treatment. Click here to view details about the different ways to pay or be billed for your treatment.

* Prices listed are estimates. All prices are subject to change without notice. Consult with your physician or nurse practitioner or call 541-346-2770 for updated pricing.